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Worksite Wellness Consulting

Considering that the CDC reports that 50-75% of healthcare costs are lifestyle related investing in educating and supporting employees to achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle is an important investment. Unfortunately, while an employer can invest in essential components that make up a Wellness Program, a company cannot simply “buy” an effective wellness program and “one size does not fit all”. Wellness initiatives that may be effective for a bank are not going to work well for a construction company. Programs should be custom designed to meet the needs and wants of your individual population, provide initiatives that are easy to participate in and most importantly, the employees have access to them based on their work and industry environment.

An assessment, evaluation and recommendation of your current program by an on experience, objective wellness advisor can help your organization develop a strategic plan that will result in better Wellness Program outcomes. Areas of consideration:

  • Are the components of your Wellness Program suitable for
    the environment and people?
  • What programs are costly but under-utilized?
  • Are there redundancies in wellness benefits?
  • Are your budgeted wellness dollars “well” spent?
  • Is your work environment supporting a healthy
  • Is their senior level support and those who participate
    in the program?
  • Do you have wellness “soldiers” throughout the
    organization relaying information and motivation?
  • Are there topics or programs that employees want
    are available, but are not offered?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy to keep employees
    interested and informed?
  • Are your budgeted wellness dollars “well” spent?

Once a new strategic plan is put in place, Realistic Lifestyle Solutions can help you find the appropriate vendors, resources and tools needed to execute the plan.