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Healthy Cooking Shows

Drive-Thru Kitchen: a stress-free approach to shopping, preparing and eating healthy “Concept” of Healthy Cooking


Barb doesn’t provide a cooking demonstration, she provides an entertaining show!


No kitchen? No worries. Barb can bring her kitchen with her! All you need is the audience!


Barb will show your guests or employees how to make delicious healthy meals:

  • In 20 minutes or less
  • Using simple ingredients you will already have on hand
  • Easy clean-up
  • Without pre-planning
  • No need to follow a recipe!


During her one hour show, Barb will whip up 2-3 delicious meals from start to finish. As she cooks, she will provide simple, but valuable, nutrition information and talk about how to shop for fresh foods and staple ingredients to have on hand in your kitchen.


Participants Will Learn:


  • How to shop for healthy ingredients and what staples to have on hand
  • Why healthy food is not expensive
  • Basic steps to quick, healthy cooking
  • How to pull together a delicious meal without any pre-planning
  • Tips to save time and minimize clean-up
  • How to reduce calories without sacrificing flavor
  • Simple ways to incorporate healthier food choices into a hectic life
  • Take home meal ideas to create your own recipes
  • Tasty samples are provided for everyone!