Corporate/ Organization Services

On-Site Wellness Coordinator


Enlist a go-to, motivating person behind your Wellness Benefit Program!
Through her years of experience in Corporate Wellness Program design, facilitation and coaching, Barb can provide:

  • Wellness Team Facilitation
  • Workplace environmental review, makeover and maintenance
  • Creative programming and communications based on observations of the workplace and what employees are saying they want and need
  • Population-based on-site and email motivational coaching access


Many employers find that successfully managing a Worksite Wellness Program is easier said than done. Studies show an on-site presence of a wellness program coordinator is highly effective. While this is true, hiring a person to fulfill the need is typically not in the budget nor is it necessary to achieve the important internal component to a successful program.


As a solution, Barb can provide your organization with on-site services on a scheduled basis to ensure a well-run, results-oriented program. An employer has many options as to the frequency of visits and the scope of the responsibilities.


Barb can evaluate your current program and together discuss what services would be most effective based on your budget and needs.

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