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What do you Mean, "Get Real?"

Real: adjective.  Authentic, honest, true, genuine. Not artificial or fraudulent.

Get real with yourself

Instead of following someone else's "way" to a healthy lifestyle,  start paying attention to your own values, day-to-day thoughts and actions, and be curious about the choices you make rather than ignore or feel guilty about them.  Question if your actions are leading you to what you really want for yourself.

Hi there!  After coaching more than 1,000 people over the last 10 years, mostly in the workplace, I've observed many factors that play into the frustrations and barriers employees have when it comes to taking care of their health and well-being. Typically it has little to do with not knowing what to do, having the actual time to do it or even lack of motivation. I've found that often it comes down to separating the illusions we have about living a healthy lifestyle versus the reality about your process to get there. Many of your employees are so confused and defeated by unrealistic expectations that they resign themselves to “it is what it is” or “the way I am” thinking that sometimes affects them to their core. 


Adding to the situation is the reality that many people are dealing with acute life situations while day-to-day demands of life, technology and environmental influencers are constantly attacking. The reality is, too many Americans are exhausted, distracted and their needs and wants for themselves come last.

If, on top of everything else their work environment is stressful, unsupportive or they don’t feel important, it exacerbates their situations. 


Humanizing Wellness


Portals, newletters and on-site classes are not going to impact this part of your population. In fact, it might be working against the goal. Get Real! well-being initiatives offers human-to-human contact that guides your employees to their own reality by giving them the space to focus on themselves, their challenges in life and determine what they really want for their health & self. For once, someone is listening. With self-thought and validation, they develop an awareness of what is going on in their own personal environment and the thoughts, actions and mindsets that impact their decisions.


They then create their own realistic strategies based on their values, wants and needs not ones created by someone else. This gives them the ability to own it. Their plan can be sustained and enjoyed for the rest of their life because they have made the choice of a new lifestyle. As we like to say, "It becomes who you are, not what you are pretending to be."  




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