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Are your Ready to Quit Dieting and Take Back Control?
Diets are rarely sustainable and can ultimately lead to more weight gain and loss of confidence. The more diets we try; the harder it gets. There is a better, easier way to manage your weight and your health.  It's YOUR way!
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An Interactive Support Group to Take Back Control!
After coaching more than 1,000 employess on stress and weight loss, I can say that the intrinsic problem is not about weight or the scale. It's more about our negative mindset, our environment, stress and simple bad habits we have adapted to along the way.The diet and food industry is leading you down the wrong path and only making the situation worse. I can show you how you a different, more productive way of reaching your goals that doesn't revolve around restrictions or someone else telling you what to do.
How Does it Work?
Through mindfulness, self-awareness and realistic expectations, you, along with other like-minded people will design your own weight management plan that fits into your personal environment that you can enjoy and own for the rest of your life!  Sample topics the Group explores include:
  • The one word that can give you the power to change

  • Debunking the myths, lives and deceptions of the diet and food industry

  • The impact STRESS and our environment has - on everything!

  • All you really need to know to feel great and lose weight
    (and you probaby already knew)

  • It doesn't count if no one sees it - right?

  • Are you waiting for the right time? Good luck with that!

  • Contrl the inner gremlins that feeds on your self-doubts

  • Change takes practice; setbacks are not failures, they are learning opportunities

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How Do I Start?

A group can be started by a community, organization or employer with enough interested people.

To join an existing group, contact Barb to see if there is one near you! 

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