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Why Our Approach Works
Wellness programs deliver extrinsic motivation that focus on action steps but skips over the foundational stages of change that is crucial to self-efficacy.
We support your employees through
every step to produce better outcomes.
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Stage of Change Model

Comprehensive Worksite Services
Most employees want to improve their life, but aspects of wellness programs don’t fit into their reality. Realistic Lifestyle Solutions delivers personal, confidential intrinsic coaching that offers a supportive environment for people to contemplate and work towards meaningful change to improve the quality of their health and life. RLS meets them where they are now and supports them through all stages of change backed by inclusive services and programming that engages and supports the entire population.

Confidential Access – A trusted place employees can be heard and validated. 

Intrinsic Coaching – A whole person approach that aligns with their values and works toward self-efficacy and their best self.

Connect the Dots– Promote and direct employees to other wellness resources 

Inclusive Programs – Population based inclusive programming that focuses on realistic solutions that relate to our unrealistic world

Ownership of Care – Employees are empowered to

 make better decisions and become stewards of their own health care

“In the Trench’s” Reporting– What actually happened as a result of the investment in real time (HIPPA compliant)

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