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Personal Training with Mindful Coaching
Be Fabulous after 40!
    ....and 50 and 60.... and beyond!
It's time to take care of YOU!
Maintain and build muscle while learning how to eat moderately and balanced so you can enjoy life fully!



As we age, we lose muscle mass. And if we don't take care of ourselves we typically end up feeling older than our years. We get tired easily and often life gets too chaotic to think about ourselves. It happens to the best of us.  Then we find ourselves at a crossroad.  Maybe it's a medical diagnosis, or, maybe you reach the top of the stairs and realize you're out of breath. Maybe you are just tired of feeling tired? At some point, you realize that it's time to decide what path you want to take for the rest of your life, related to your health. It's no longer about getting back to your college weight, or dropping 20 pounds on the latest fad diet, but just feeling good again and keeping yourself healthy. If this sounds familiar to you, maybe I can offer you the solution that will work for you. I get it because I've been there.  Actually, I am there!  I'm 59 years young!

Embrace Change

There is a saying, "Nothing changes if nothing changes."  That means that if you want to lose weight, get fit and feel better, you have to embrace change in your habits, your environment and your mindset. Change can be scary at first, especially when you decide to take control of your decisions and learn to trust yourself. Change doesn't happen overnight.  It's a process and setbacks are bound to happen.  In fact, it's an important part of the process! Let me support you in this powerful, rewarding journey to your better "self".  

My Style

 I will help guide you through effective and safe weight training sessions that will leave you feeling younger, confident and strong.  I include mindful coaching as part of my service because success happens after I leave the room. This approach to coaching & training will help you become more aware of your actions, guide you to better decision making, and support you in whatever changes you are ready to make and are most important to you.

Weight Management

Realistic and lasting weight management is my specialty and I am passionate about it. I've successfully coached hundreds of people both individually and in group settings. I've never given up on anyone and I truly understand how hard it is to achieve sustainable weight loss. Weight Management through moderation & balance and mindfulness allows you to learn to listen to your body's signals for what it wants, not what some book or guru tells you to do.



Rates (both coaching and training included.)  Coaching without Training is available.


Starting at $50 per 60 minute session depending on distance to your home.

Contact Barb for a meet 'n greet visit at no charge!  

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