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Programs & Challenges

How User-Friendly and Relatable are Your Organization's Wellness Initiatives?
Custom designed, relatable and inclusive programs and challenges that leave a lasting impression and supports sustainable change.
Employees can participate on-site or remotely and include post program/challenge evaluation and results.  

Waist Control 8-Week Program

At the end of this program, employees will learn about the realities of basic nutrition and weight loss, and become more aware of their personal actions which help identify the causes that contribute to weight gain and feeling poorly.  Each week participants are surveyed with 5 questions relating to the week's topic, their awareness level and what changes they are experiencing.  An end-of-program survey is included to determine the effectiveness of the program.

Topics include: 

       The reality of the amount and type of food that we eat

       Make the scale your friend; not your enemy

       The impact our sedentary lifestyle has on our health and well-being 

       The difference between a lifestyle change and a dieting mindset

       The reality of a portion size versus what we eat

       How to be a mindful eater 

       How stress may be impacting your decisions, and how to overcome it

       Understand the importance of taking care of YOU.


Weigh Less for Life 8-Week Challenge!

This weight loss challenge is designed to eliminate all of the negative aspects of typical challenges where crash dieting and return weight gain is the norm. The focus is on learning how to weigh yourself in a positive way and understand the realities of true fat loss by seeing it for themselves. The completion and sustainable weight loss rate for this challenge is high.  

     Optional weekly meetings are included

     "Weigh-ins" are optional and participants' weight are kept private.  

     Participants text or email Monday morning (yes MONDAY morning) weigh-ins to Get Real!.

     Roster is posted within 2 days showing weekly personal goal and challenge "to-date" stats        w

     Awards Luncheon to celebrate everyone's successes.

What’s for Dinner? (4 sessions)  

A delicious, balanced and inexpensive 20-minute meal is prepared live and then taste tested by employees.  Employees are challenged to prepare their own version at home and snap a picture for everyone to see.  Those who take the challenge are entered into drawings for prizes.  Attendees receive a copy of Barb's Cooking Guide Drive-Thru Kitchen:  A stress-free approach to shopping, preparing and eating healthy!


 At the end of 4 weeks, employees have a repertoire of dishes solving the typical “what’s for dinner” excuse! 

Other Program Offerings


Going for the Goal (10 weeks)

Great for football season! Participants will set SMART Goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relatable, Timely) then report in weekly to determine if they achieved a first down, gained yards or got sacked!

Just Get Up and Do Something  

Each participant starts with their own step baseline and sets a goal to improve their step count by 20% each week during the challenge.

Fitbit and other trackers are used. Weekly engagement emails and hand-outs included.   


Strength Training 101– Video Based (coming soon!)

Employees receive a video link each week that reviews each muscle group with two exercises.  At the end of the program, employee's will have gained knowledge of a complete strength training routine that they can do at home with dumbbells and body weight.  Ongoing access to videos is available. 

Contact Barb to talk about what Programs makes sense for your organization!  

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