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Drive-Thru Kitchen Guide And Video

A stress-free guide to shopping, preparing and eating healthy

Barb’s Guide and 4-part video teaches you how to whip up fast and delicious healthy meals without preplanning or recipes!  The Guide can also be used as a corporate Wellness Initiative…

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Does your Company Sabotage it’s Own Wellness Program?

Proud of herself for getting up early and going to the gym, Beth gets ready for work, grabs a banana and yogurt on her way out the door and arrives at work 15 minutes early.  Beth checks her calendar, makes a to-do list and she’s ready to take on the day’s challenges with enthusiasm and…

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“The amount of money spent on worker’s compensation is approaching $51,000 for obese workers versus $7,500 for workers with normal or average weight.”
Forbes Magazine
“Barb’s passion radiates around the room. You can’t help but feel empowered to make positive changes for yourself to achieve a healthier and better quality of life.”
Sarah, NAWBO, Wilmington, DE Chapter