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Treat Your Audience to Their "Get Real" Moment!
Barb's energetic and entertaining presentations, workshops and cooking shows will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Whether the main subject matter is managing stress, weight loss, nutrition or exercise, she approaches topics holistically so that the audience sees that a healthier lifestyle starts with a changed mindset not just changed actions. 
Barb keeps the information simple and relatable capturing the audience's interest and then offers realistic solutions that leave a lasting impression. Their take-away is a newfound belief that change is possible regardless of their personal situation. 
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Presentations & Workshops
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Barb offers a variety of interactive programs and will tailor a presentation or workshop that fits with your audience demographics and what is of most interest to them.  

Here are a few popular topics:

Whats Your Why?

Most of us know the basics to practicing a healthier lifestyle, the problem is we don't do it! This workshop addresses our barriers to change and how to overcome them.


Get Real!

We'll cut through the gobbledygook of today's diets and theories, and the complexities of having a balanced lifestyle. And then offers simple, realistic solutions that the average person can implement successfully.

Who is Taking Care of YOU?

We make sure everyone and everything else is taken care of, often at the expense of ourselves. No one is going to give you the time to take care of your personal health & well-being, you need to take it!


Become a Better Consumer of Food

A virtual trip through the grocery store zeroing in on the healthy staples every kitchen should have on hand. Simple label reading included.


Stessed Out - Checked Out!

Is your daily stress hurting your health, productivity and well-being? We'll discuss the causes, symptoms and potential health risks of chronic stress and provide realistic ways to manage them. 


Just Get Up and Do Something!

The "sitting disease" has been referred to as "the new smoking issue." This workshop focuses on the negative effects our lack of movement has on our mental and physical health, and realistic ways to fit more activity into your day.


Simple Rules to a Balanced Life

Taken right from Grandma's playbook, simple rules takes a look at how complicated it is to achieve a balanced life today versus years ago (when obesity wasn't an epidemic and Type 2 Diabetes was rarely diagnosed).


Strength Training 101

As a Personal Trainer and former Body Builder, I've learned and will discuss the mechanics, health importance and basic execution applied to all strength training movements to ensure proper form, injury prevention and...results!

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Cooking Shows

Get Real! in the Kitchen

Educational and amusing cooking demonstrations that provide realistic answers to the "driving home from work question," What's for Dinner!?   Rather than impulsively stopping for high calorie, low nutrition (and expensive!) take-out, you will have the know-how and desire to come home and prepare a delicious, balanced meal that is fast and easy!

During her one-hour show, Barb will whip up 2-3 delicious meals from start to finish. While cooking, she’ll provide simple but valuable nutrition information. She’ll discuss the best way to shop (economically) for fresh, healthy foods, and provide advice on the “must have” staple ingredients that every healthy kitchen should have on hand.


Barb will show your guests or employees how to make 

delicious healthy meals: 

  • In 20 minutes or less

  • Without pre-planning

  • Using simple ingredients you’ll always have on hand 

  • With easy clean-up

  • Without recipes!


No kitchen? No worries. Barb can bring her kitchen with her, 

all you need is the audience and an electrical outlet!

Contact Barb for more information and pricing.  
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