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 The "Face of Wellness" at Your Worksite
Internet & phone calls can't replace the
power of personal connection!
Comprehensive services to engage and empower employees to improve their health & well-being including intrinsic lifestyle coaching, personal training, workshops, cooking shows, programs and challenges.
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Capturing and Keeping Interest



The Human Factor

Guess what? Most employees want to change, sometimes desperately, but information that is being delivered doesn’t fit into their reality. The only way to provide this valuable and effective strategy is to include personal connection. Get Real! provides meaningful coaching and content that changes how employees think about their health and well-being and the belief in their ability to achieve their goals.Then, supports their own solutions to improving their lifestyle habits based on what is important to them and what (and when) they are ready to change.

As a former Benefits Consultant, I can relate to the challenges that a company experiences when recommending Wellness Programs to their clients.  Keeping employees engaged long enough for them to actually improve their health and well-being takes a multi-pronged strategy that provides a consistent message that is relatable to the majority of the population.  A typical wellness program may offer great initiatives like on-site boot camps, periodic newsletters on the benefits of quiona and organic foods, or recommend taking a yoga class to deal with daily stress.  Those offerings are great!  However, typically a good portion of the population simply can’t relate and therefore don’t participate. We conclude this segment of population just aren’t interested or “ready to change.”  High-risk employees are relegated to disease management and we assume the rest just don’t care. Or we throw them a softball and promote a water drinking challenge that may be a start but often doesn't lead anywhere. 

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Worksite Services



With a self-efficacy approach that is effective even on employees who might not see themselves as successful

Programs &


Easy to use, customized, inclusive and they support the population's wants and their workplace environment.



Barb "gets real" in the kitchen with her simple, economical and delicious meals prepared in 20 minutes or less!

Tasty samples included!

Workshops, Lunch n Learns

Engaging programs about "real" life challenges and how to overcome them will give your audience their "aha!" moment! 

Work Environment & Culture Change

Ensure your location "walks the talk" through wellness committee meeting facilitation, Supervisor workshops and implementing environmental changes where applicable and if desired.  


Connect the Dots

by promoting other wellness resources your company offers such as EAP, Disease Management and incentivized wellness initiatives.  Assist with design and coordination of meaningful incentives that drive engagement not just participation


Meditation, Stretching...

and other "break-time" activities that are Inclusive and respectful of time.  These activities are best performed on an ongoing basis or as an instructive class

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How Success is Measured 

Big picture analytics often fail to reveal changes that may be taking place, often concluding there is little value in the wellness investment.  The reality is there may be too many immeasurable variables to demonstrate what's really taking place. However, by being on-site, change can be captured through:


     Post-Coaching and Sustainability Surveys
     Improvements in Biometrics
     Increase in EAP and Disease Management usage
     Employee evaluations on activities and critiques of the coach’s value to them

     Documentation of under or over-care of employee medical utlization 

Health care and productivity savings can be reported by comparing the investment in 

Get Real! initiatives and actual documented change in the population such as:

     Cancelled bariatric surgery

     Eliminated or reduced need for Type 2 Diabetes medication

     Reduced fibromyalgia symptoms

     Fewer ER visits for anxiety/stress-related issues

     Increased EAP usage

     Improved productivity through stress reduction and validation

     Outcomes of employee medical care choices based on educated decisions

As a former Benefits Consultant, I can relate to the challenges that a company experiences in recommending vendors to your clients. Let’s have a conversation and see if we can mutually benefit each other!

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Try a Service!

Try a service! No long-term contracts required.  Prices are reasonable and include all marketing materials and follow up on-line employee satisfaction and/or change surveys.Services can be a la carte or bundled based on mutually agreed upon on-site time. Consulting services also available.  


The most common method of utiliziing services is to contract for X number of days a week or month.  Together we decide what services you would like and we can change it up as we learn more about what employees want and what their needs are.  

For Example:  If a client would like on-site services one day a week on an ongoing basis, the cost would be  $60/hour with a minimum of 6 hours a day (fewer hours will increase hourly rate).  On-site time might look like this:

15 minute Stretching or Meditation Session

30 - 60 minute Workshop * and/or

Implement/monitor a program or challenge

30-45 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions scheduled in advance (approximately 4-8 sessions)

*  Cooking Demos extra due to cost of food plus additional prep/clean-up-time

Sample a Service!

  Contact Barb to learn more!

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